VLM Repair provides technical services around the world. The main operational and management departments are located in Tallinn, capital of Estonia situated in Northern Europe.

We have wide experience and knowledge in attending vessels at any place required by our clients. Mainly our team works at the busiest sea lane crossings. Most of works are carried out in Caribbean basin, Mediterranean sea, China, Singapore, Korea, Africa and all European Union countries including UK and Ireland. There is no issue for our company to send workers to USA, Brazil and other countries with more complicated visa access. In our practice we successfully completed works even in New Zealand which is not the closest area to our head office location.

Very often our team members are already located at different parts of the world and this can reduce travel costs for our clients who order service at this area. We take care of our clients’ time and make all travel arrangements for our workers including flight and accommodation bookings. Travel logistics are covered by our Operation department, which enables us to make more flexible offers to our client. We arrange and control everything related to our team travelling; client only needs to provide local agent details.

All our workers have Seaman Books and European citizenship; furthermore we established a system of issuing working visas to those countries where such are needed.