VLM Repair history originates from small steelworks for various ships.

Our history

Company established 1998

VLM Repair history originates from small steelworks for various ships. A start has been made in 1998 – this year can be considered as a beginning of activities related to marine industry.


Having their own site, VLM Repair employees worked on a contract basis also on dother projects such as the production of sub-assemblies for the bilge blocks of bulk carriers and production of blocks for a military project consisting of series of three vessels. In latter case they had experience of production of curved shell plates and working with thin metal.


The company has been dealing with small ship repair orders for the local market.
During this period of time the company management has decided to expand the range of their activities in marine service. It was the beginning of formation of VLM Repair as a company that is capable of providing various types of marine services.


The company has confidently built a strong client base with such a short period of time. Summing up the results of 2014, VLM Repair received around 20 regular clients in Norway, Germany and Netherlands. This fact is really important to the company – this indicates that our service satisfies clients and they are willing to continue cooperating with us.


VLM Repair continues its growth. Up to date, number of clients has increased up to 60 companies. The company increases the number of its personnel yearly including the deployment of engineers with extensive experience in shipbuilding and -repair. This allows to execute more complicated and specific projects than before.